One day I came up with the idea of driving a scooter from Iran back home to Switzerland.

To my great pleasure Martina decided to join me on this great adventure. And guess what… We actually did it!

This page is a Sub-homepage specifically for this trip.

We sent our scooters to Dubai by plane and took them on the ferry to Iran. We then drove through the desert under the blazing sun. Here we regularly experienced 50°C (122°F). The people in Iran – especially in the South – are ridiculously friendly. During our 30 day stay in Iran we spent 20 nights in houses of complete strangers. None of them would accept money for hosting us!

Then we drove through the Caucausus, where we found Azerbaijan to be a little surprise gem on this trip.

The next step was crossing Turkey. We even headed through the notorious kurdish areas, which I found to be a particularly interesting experience.

Last but not least, we crossed the Balcan on the freeway, because time was running out.

This was the trip of a lifetime.

Duration of the trip 10 weeks
Flat tires 3
Police encounters: 6
Bike drops on the road: 2
Bike drops offroad: lost count
Nights in a tent: 9
Countries visited: UAE, Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria
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