I was in the US-west many years ago. I visited the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley, Lake Powell, Zion and much more.
As I was there far too long ago form any information to still be of any value, I will just post some of my best pictures from this trip.
Although… there is one thing worth mentioning.  When we were in Yellowstone one of the rangers gave us a hint where we could find wolves in the morning. We headed out at 4 o’clock the next day and found a small group of people with telescopes. In the freezing cold summer morning we got to watch the wolves leave their dens at sunrise. This is to date one of my best encounters with wildlife – and none of it would have happened without the friendly and helpful park rangers. If I ever make it back to a National Park in the USA I will certainly ask them were to find what animals.

The picture of the Blue Jay and the Burrowing Owls are from a lyover in Florida. But I didn’t want to make an extra gallery for them.