Hi there, I’m Michael – travel blogger, adventurer and student.

I explore the world in just about any way I can think of. If you are looking for me you are likely to find me on top of a bus in Indonesia, up in the sky paragliding or skydiving, deep under the waves diving – or simply driving a little scooter in the Middle East back to Switzerland.
I backpack everywhere in the world I can, but also enjoy visiting restricted areas and countries, that may only be entered with a guide like Bhutan and Mustang (Nepal) or even North Korea.

So to wrap things up: Anywhere, anyhow!


If you are looking for inspiration to travel, than you are in the right spot.
I aim to show you some beautiful places and give you some tips on travel gear and some basic tricks for on the road.

After my studies I plan on going on a very long trip and I want to use this homepage as my source of income.


To keep me on the road, not much is needed. I need to build up some presence on social media to get sponsoring.
So simply by liking, subscribing to my newsletter and leaving comments on the posts you enjoy you can keep the adventure going.

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Martina from sketchingowl.com and I often travel together. Her homepage combines travel and art as she sketches all the things we see on the road.
As she is quite the artist and she makes good photographs on the road – which I then get to use for this homepage. So that’s why so many pictures have a watermark from her page.

Her homepage is under construction, but her instagram profile is up and running. See this here. She is happy about every new follower.

To date I have been to 43 countries, and I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of them πŸ™‚

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